Soar to New Heights

Guiding you back to hearing and honoring the song of your inner voice.

Soar to New Heights

Let me guide you back to hearing the song of your inner voice.

Let's Align Your Chakras!

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These offerings will help you elevate your mind, body and spirit by clearing your path towards living your best, most authentic life.

Channeled Healing Energy is a mystical experience that can restore alignment to the body, mind and spirit - replacing fear with love.

Learn about your energy centers and how balancing them can dramatically improve your life mentally, physically and spiritually.

Be on the cutting edge of holistic wellness and provide your employees with a life changing benefit creating win/win results.

My mission is to inspire people to heal and teach them the tools that are essential to living an empowered, authentic life.

I work long hours (often till quite late) and have a lot of responsibility at work. Lisa's meditation group has been instrumental in helping me deal with the high stress startup environment. I've never been a morning person but I actually look forward to the mornings when we have the meditation - it keeps me grounded, helps relieve stress, and gets me through the week.


I have been attending one of Lisa’s weekly groups for several years now and the experience has been life changing. Her sessions are both grounding and uplifting! I am able to handle anything that comes my way, both professionally and personally, with a stronger footing. At the same time she has opened my perspective to new realms of possibility. I’ve seen my spiritual life enriched as well as my professional life completely transform.


I have worked with Lisa over the last five years doing energy work and meditation. Lisa’s calm and confident demeanor has always put me at ease. And her warmth and healing energy come through in every session. Lisa has gently guided me to change my unhealthy thoughts and behaviors. She continues to challenge me to process past traumas and truly embrace my authentic self.


Lisa has been instrumental in supporting my teen through some really challenging times. She worked with him one on one in person and would send to him remotely. The feedback she would give us about his emotional state through tapping into his energy and chakras was so helpful to know how to better support him. Her Reiki and energy work was an important layer in providing support for my son who has made great strides.


I retired from my hectic Wall Street job seven years ago. Fortunately for me, Lisa began her weekly meditation sessions. Having this weekly space to just 'be' and 'feel' with her expert guidance has been amazing. Sometimes I feel like I am flying when we meditate. It is truly wonderful and I highly recommend Lisa's work.


Working with Lisa throughout 2021/2022 was an unexpected gift in the midst of uncertainty during the pandemic. The work is deep... sometimes uncomfortably deep... but the pay-off is (and continues to be) vast. Without hesitation, I believe that anyone who is feeling stuck, worried/anxious/disconnected, or uncertain about seeing a path forward -- personally and/or professionally -- would benefit from working with Lisa. She is a wonderful guide and inspiration — a safe place! — whose work will elevate you, liberate you, and empower you.


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Are you ready to feel worthy of a life filled with joy, peace and purpose? Are you ready to live from a place of love instead of fear. Now is the time. This is the future! The world needs YOU now.

Work with me and we can start on this journey together, today. 

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