Choosing Peace

My car was stolen last week, and on the night of my birthday no less! Years ago I would have been distraught. But my reaction surprised even me.  I laughed at the outrageousness of it all, waking up with a police officer at my door at 7:30 a.m., only to hear that my car had been stolen right out of the driveway. After all, it’s just a car and my kids were home safe and sound.  The police had received a tip about a group roaming the streets, rummaging through cars and hoping to find the sucker who left their keys in the car (for the record, I always lock my car except the night of June 6th!).  So, I asked the officer how he knew it was stolen.  He explained that he was conducting a random stop at 1:30 a.m., that ended up in a police chase with my car!!  He could only assume that a typical Rye resident would not choose to run from the police! 

Yes, the theft and its consequences are a complete inconvenience and an added expense I don’t need right now, but I’ve realized there is nothing more important to me than maintaining peace within myself. It’s natural to feel anger and resentment, but gripping onto those feelings not only holds me hostage, but the others involved as well. It may seem counterintuitive, but I chose to send Love to the people who stole my car.  Happy, peaceful people don’t do hurtful things. Besides, most transgressions are not personal, whether you know the person or not, even though it may feel that way. People behave in ways that reflect how they feel about themselves. If someone is disrespectful, or cause others harm, you can bet they suffer from feelings of self-loathing. 

When we choose to stay in a place of resentment and anger towards ex-spouses/partners, co-workers, family members and/or complete strangers, it hurts us more than it hurts others by contaminating our inner peace. Alternatively, when we send love to people, even those who hurt or offend us in some way, that love also boomerangs back and can oftentimes dissolve a toxic situation. The ego justifies our retention of anger and resentment. But ask yourself, would you rather feel justified, or would you rather feel peace? I choose peace. Not to mention, it’s been super fun car shopping with my sons!  

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