Heart-Centered Leadership

I can remember walking through the center aisles at the grocery store while in college, looking at all of the brightly colored boxes and bags thinking, how can this pass for food? How is it okay for food labels to list a myriad of ingredients that are toxic to the body? How is it possible that we allow potentially cancer causing chemicals to be sprayed on fresh produce? I’ve never understood this “laissez-faire” mindset many seem to have when it comes to what is sold for human consumption and can’t understand why it is tolerated. We still have a long way to go when it comes to the revamping of the food industry, but it seems we’re in the process of shifting to a more wellness oriented mindset.
Since the worldwide lockdown, people are beginning to question their values and priorities. We lived through a few years where life as we know it came to halt, which allowed us time to reflect on our choices, our priorities and our overall well-being. I’ve also seen a shift in focus in the Healing Circles and Meditation groups I lead, which is the need to reclaim divine feminine energy and heal divine masculine energy. 

Don’t make the mistake of equating feminine with women and masculine with men.  All genders have both divine masculine and divine feminine energy, some leaning more to one side than the other. Divine masculine is the energy behind taking action, setting boundaries, having confidence, being disciplined, assertive and using logic.  All important traits! The divine feminine is our inner knowing, the ability to connect to and honor our intuition, heart-centeredness, nurturing, care and kindness.  Also, very important traits to embody.  
The problem is that we’ve devalued divine feminine energy and given over all power to divine masculine energy, when both are designed to be in balance, and if anything lean more toward divine feminine. If I use compassion without discernment or boundaries, I’m going to set myself up for some painful situations.  If I’m an intuitive person who doesn’t have confidence, then I won’t trust myself to follow it.

Using the example above about the toxicity in our food, when we create or take action using logic (saving money by using questionable substitute ingredients), but leave out the care for people, then we produce a toxic product or outcome. This is the result of unhealed divine masculine energy which is still a reality in today’s society. The divine feminine would not allow profits to trump the health and wellbeing of the population. Not for a second!
I know the problems of this world are much more complex than I’ve laid out here, but it’s time to shift to heart-centered leadership, balanced with healed divine masculine energy (shifting from a me mentality to a we mentality). Change starts one person at a time, so ask yourself where you might be able to bring more heart-centeredness and balance into your life. And don’t assume divine feminine energy is sweet. It can be fierce! Yet it loves with conviction.

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