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What does your heart yearn for?  Is it a career, a relationship, quality friendships, a cohesive family, financial freedom?  Did you know that what we want, wants us right back! Our hearts desires don’t happen without our dedicated effort to uncover limited beliefs and fears that block us from achieving those desires. 

Inspired action is action we take because we feel it in the body. It feels energized, empowered and in alignment with our hopes and dreams.  But this type of intuitive action can often be manipulated by the egoic mind. The ego is usually fear-based, creating limited beliefs around who we are, and blocking us from our ultimate desires, often without our awareness. Inspired action aligns with our desires, but also requires us to confront ourselves with humility.   We’re all familiar with the phrase, ‘They can’t get out of their own way.’ When we refuse to lean into and acknowledge our fears and insecurities, they ultimately block us from taking action, keeping us stuck and often feeling victimized.  

The Universe will present the people and situations that give us the opportunity to fulfill our hearts desires, but often we refuse to look within in order to accomplish these goals. 

I’ll give you an example. My heart’s greatest desire is the ability to provide for my family, while following the passion of my calling with Blackbird Fly.  As such, I was recently presented with a fork in the road moment. For the past six months or so, I’ve been actively seeking a steady position with benefits, as I continue to grow Blackbird Fly. It was a challenge to find anyone who would even consider my resume, as I’d been working from home raising my children and focusing on the healing arts for the past eighteen years.  

Eventually, I got a lucky break, based on a friend’s referral, to interview for an entry-level position.  It was a humbling position, considering my background in finance pre-kids, but I knew I had to start somewhere. I could feel my soul dampening as the interviewer showed me where my desk would be. When I realized they were going to make an offer, I knew I had an important decision to make. Taking the job would be a form of self-sabotage, undermining what I knew to be true for myself and my dreams. I had to lean into the fears of survival and worthiness that had been instilled in me.  Practically speaking, taking the job would have been the ‘right’ thing to do. But I knew it would come at a cost to my soul, and my intuition was telling me to keep exploring even though I had no idea how things would pan out. I somewhat reluctantly turned down the opportunity, knowing how little traction I was getting in my job search, yet with utmost humility and gratitude.  That VERY afternoon, out of the blue, a friend  reached out with a new opportunity that would allow me the flexibility to continue to focus on my passion. What’s more, I was able to remain home and present with my youngest child, who would soon be off to college, and all while earning a steady income! 

For a few hours after sending the email, passing on the initial position, I questioned my decision, though I felt a huge sense of relief. Yet, I knew in my gut that this was the right decision and the moment I was presented with this new opportunity everything in my life began to open up. Inspiration filled every fiber of my being. I woke up each morning energized and alive! I felt aligned, I was able to support my family and Blackbird Fly began to take flight. Suddenly, I was hearing more and more from those interested in workshops and healing sessions. 

It was as if the Universe was presenting me with a situation, testing me to see which path I was going to take. I had the choice to choose a path out of fear (questioning my worthiness and going into survival mode instinct), or trusting my intuition that a more aligned option existed. This choice was true inspired action. 

Of course, there are times when we ‘do what we have to do’,’which was how I lived for many years and what I knew to be the responsible way of living. But when you work with Divine order, you move into a whole other realm of possibility. Our job is to shine the light on our fear-based, limiting beliefs around ourselves and find the courage to trust that the Universe will guide us to opportunities that are in alignment with who we are, if we surrender to Love’s will. This is not a religious concept I’m talking about. It is an energy; that same energy that connects all of life and its profound mystery. Call it God, call it cosmic consciousness, call it Love, call it tree.

Throughout the whole interview process I learned a great deal about myself, realizing my old limiting beliefs, yet also seeing how the Universe was gently guiding me to an important point of choice.  Universal Intelligence wants us to thrive (not just survive), but it’s not going to do the work for us. Although we are gently guided to achieve our highest and best selves, to love ourselves on a deeper level, we are given free will and the choice is ultimately ours to make. And it is at this choice point that we have the ability to take inspired action, to align ourselves with our hopes and dreams, and live in the flow of abundance. 

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