The Brilliance Of Following Intuition

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The brain is a miraculous component of what makes us human, but our true brilliance, I believe, lies in trusting and following our intuition.  Intuition is a sense of knowing, oftentimes, a whisper. It may or may not be logical or validate our immediate desired outcome, so it takes a good amount of spiritual maturity and courage to utilize this fascinating instrument that we possess.  
Intuition comes from a place deep within us. It’s a sense of knowing usually without justification. It can feel like a download into our bodies or minds, and can even be delivered through a dream, not necessarily coming from us but through us. Everyone has intuition, yet some are naturally inclined to be more in tune with their intuition than others. Many of us, however, will need to learn how to tune in and cultivate into our lives. Harnessing this power requires space and silence within ourselves, as the whisper is almost impossible to hear if we are prisoners of our own thoughts. 

Meditation is a great way to create that space, and also gives us an opportunity to explore and become more connected to ourselves. Walking in nature can also be a form of meditation but go alone or make space for silence. Exploring our inner space helps us connect to ourselves in a deeper way, while also helping us tune in to the frequency needed to hear what’s being relayed internally, similar to tuning into a radio station. 
It’s safe to assume that most highly successful people use their intuition. When famed Rick Rubin is producing music, he follows the senses in his body even if it doesn’t make sense or know where it’s going. “To the best of my ability I’ve followed my intuition to make career turns, and been recommended against doing so every time,” Rubin explains. Golda Mier, the former Prime Minister of Israel who led her country through the Yom Kippur war, lamented that she sensed her country would be attacked and should have listened to her gut.  Warren Buffet has said that he relies on intuition to make decisions, and when he doesn’t, it’s always a mistake. 

It’s hard to articulate and define certain concepts and intuition is one of them.  Where does it come from? What is it connected to? I don’t have the answer for certain, but to me, it feels like an all knowing, unconditionally loving intelligence much greater than me, guiding my choices and life to it’s highest and best outcome; and I’ve come to fall in love with and profoundly trust this inner knowing/whisper. It’s when I get into my own head that I start to become anxious and experience self-doubt.  
So, how do we ‘tune in’ to this brilliant, but often elusive, whisper of intuition? Consider exploring the space within, just as an astronaut explores outer space. Get curious! Try to release expectation and judgment. Meditation doesn’t suggest that you can’t or won’t have thoughts. The monkey mind will lessen over time, and know, not all attempts at meditating will be ‘successful’. I still have times when I’m too preoccupied and consumed with life to sit with myself. It’s okay! Try again another day. And when you come across something uncomfortable in your exploration, just observe it, if you can, without judgment. In your own time, move through those observations with non-judgement and compassion and you’ll soon find a limitless reservoir of wisdom, creativity and love.

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