Chakra Workshop


We are so much more than our five senses!  We are multi-dimensional beings, in the midst of a human experience, with little understanding of how to access higher aspects of ourselves.  Gary Zukav, best selling author of Seat of the Soul and Universal Human, explains that authentic power is the alignment of the personality with the soul.

Lisa taught the chakra course in a way I could understand and gave me insight as to how I could stay more balanced each day. She helped me explore my inner world with humility and compassion. I would recommend this workshop for anyone who wants to become a more empowered version of themselves.” -Jenn

The energetic body or the energy centers within the human body, more formally known as the Chakras, provides a roadmap for us to explore who we are, how we became who we are and how we can align with our soul and step into our authentic selves. The seven primary Chakras are interconnected and associated with different aspects of our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. In this workshop we will explore each Chakra with the intention of understanding how each one pertains to our individual lives.  


This workshop will help you become more self-aware and give you tools to further explore each Chakra.  It can be taught as an overview in a 90 minute workshop, or for a deeper dive it can be taught throughout a one hour, eight week course. In either workshop, the goal is to understand our energy system, identify the negative patterns affecting our lives and to achieve a better understanding of the tools needed to improve and embody our authentic selves. This workshop is recommended and beneficial for anyone going through a major life transition, such as divorce, or anyone ready to identify and reform negative patterns that perpetuate the same narrative and outcomes. 


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