Why Blackbird Fly

Soar to new heights with Lisa Palmer, Certified Spiritual Life Coach

My intention is to inspire you to release emotional burdens and false notes placed upon you so that you may soar to new heights.

Most of us are familiar with the song Blackbird by The Beatles, but for me it has special meaning. It was a shared song between me, my beloved brother and father. I turn to the song to commemorate any milestone events in my life and impress the importance of its meaning upon  my two sons. It was clear to me from early on that Blackbird Fly would be the name given to the healing work I do in the world.


My father, like so many, had an enormous heart but was unable to show up for himself, let alone for me. I’ve spent much of my life working through the trauma passed down from one generation to another.  He gifted me with this song, whose lyrics I have taken to heart.  Over time and with the inner work I’ve done through Healing Grace, I’ve taken my broken wings and learned to fly.

Through Healing Grace and the appreciation and understanding of the energy body I have acquired  the tools needed to become the person I am, not defined by the experiences of my past. It is my life’s purpose and passion to guide you to discover your authentic self, and not be defined by others or outside influences. The services and workshops I offer can provide  the tools to l help you access your inner wisdom and uncover your authentic self. 


 My work is dedicated to my father and my brother, and all those like them, who have an enormous capacity to love, but are overly burdened with unprocessed grief and emotion.  I hope to inspire others to acknowledge those emotional burdens and find the freedom to soar to new heights.

Are you ready to feel worthy of having a life filled with joy, peace and purpose? Are you ready to live from a place of love instead of fear. Now is the time. This is the future! The world needs YOU now.

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